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Davy and the Goblin

Charles E. Carryl

Children's Novels

It is Christmas Eve and Davy, an eight-year-old boy, is reading Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, sitting by the fireplace. As he gets sleepy, a Goblin appears in the fire, munching hot coals with great relish. Davy watches in fear when, suddenly, the Goblin addresses him and says “I know you perfectly well. You are the little boy who doesn’t believe in fairies, or giants, or Goblins, or anything the storybooks tell you.” He takes Davy on a “Believing Voyage” where they meet talking birds like the Cockalorum and Gobobbles, the Hole-keeper, Butterscotchmen, the Giant Badorful, and many characters from classic children’s literature including Robin Hood, Sindbad the Sailor, and Robinson Crusoe.

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